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Testimonials - from Carolina Clay Guild

Glenda is always prompt and accurate in the data she places on the Carolina Clay Guild's Website

Carolina Clay Guild

I was very impressed when I first went to the Carolina Clay Guild website a couple of years ago. After joining the Guild, I was informed that the webmaster was a volunteer...and then was even more impressed! I have had the pleasure to deal with Glenda Ryan, CCG webmaster, on a couple of occasions. My requests on those occasions were attended to within a relatively short time frame, and always published as I had asked.

It is obvious Glenda knows her way around a website...a confident professional.

Graham Jones
Secretary, Carolina Clay Guild

Glenda is always on top of our website management. Anytime we need anything changed or fine tuned she sees to it readily. If we have an idea of how we like something, she puts it up, if we don't .... she handles it and always seems to know what we want, even when we don't. I've dealt with other websites and it seems to be such a tedious task when you want something changed, added, or deleted, and sometimes can take such a long time but Glenda keeps our website updated and looking great. She makes it all seem so easy to those of us that are technologically challenged and even to those of us who aren't. We at the Carolina Clay Guild would highly recommend her.

Lorrie Price, Treasurer, Carolina Clay Guild

You can add our name to the list of being so impressed with how quickly Glenda responded and how effective she was in setting up the site and making sure that everything was entered correctly. She even took the trouble to get in touch with some of the names on the list in order to make sure that they were listed as they wanted. That's going above and beyond the call of duty. I sure do appreciate her efforts.
Susan and David York, Membership Committee, Carolina Clay Guild

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