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Words from Get Gear Holdings owner

I want to take this opportunity to thank Glenda Ryan for the incredible efforts to overhaul our website, twice. Each time she has had to learn an entirely new site development platform and create an integration strategy that ensured that the website would be up and running – and that all navigation functioned properly, that all products were effectively presented, that pricing was completely accurate and to ensure the timely and smooth transition.

In both situations, Glenda has demonstrated a can-do attitude, a strong desire to thoroughly understand the e-commerce platform, the ability to interpret the directions of the website owner, an ability to work closely with the platform developer’s technical support team to resolve any and all issues as they were presented, and to provide clear guidance and direction to the overall “feel” of the site.

Beyond her technical and creative capabilities, working with Glenda is a very enjoyable experience. Not once has she ever expressed her frustration or disappointment, even when faced with the dynamic decisions of the website owner. She would frequently be called on to undo work she had spent hours completing, or be faced with a change in the strategy needed to complete some phase of the integration or development of the site.

Through Glenda’s efforts, the e-commerce site has re-launched twice – in time for the seasonal sales surge related to the site. Her efforts are highly appreciated and of tremendous value to the company.

It is with great confidence that I offer my highest professional recommendation to anyone who is considering hiring Glenda in a technical role. She will undoubtedly perform her duties with the utmost professionalism and enthusiasm, traits that I have repeatedly observed over the past nearly three years.

Stephen Short
Get Gear Holdings LLC